Diversity In The Workplace

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As employees in the workforce, it is important that we embrace the culture and values of the company that employs us. From personal experience, I have worked for a franchise company for a year, and during that time I have been taught the mission and values instilled by the company in order to serve as the ideal employee that they hired me to be. By fulfilling the values of the company I work for, I am completing the necessary requirements that are demanded by the company. This is so valuable to the company that I accept their values because by doing this, I am providing a customer with the ideal experience that my company expects from me. In addition to the value that the company receives from the employee reflecting the company’s mission, it is important that the employee …show more content…
For instance, the theme of “building community across diversity” relates to one of Doug Franklin’s main concept about connecting with others. By connecting with others, we are creating a bigger community that everyone can be a part of. A second theme that Fr. Fitz described was the “education for practical wisdom” which coincides with Franklin’s theme of life-long learning. Marianists believe that education should encourage critical and imaginative thinking by being more than a critic and thinking imaginatively about potential solutions. We should conclude our judgments from solid moral principles that function with Marianist traditions. By doing this, we are constantly learning new things, which correlates with Franklin’s topic of life-long learning. From the presentations by Fr. Fitz and Doug Franklin, we can take away the essential message that we are called as individuals to fulfill the job requirements that are demanded from our employers. However, we are called as Marianist Catholics to fulfill the missionary themes that are instilled in the Marianist