Diversity In The Workplace

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During the first 30 days of new employment, you need to be respectful of the workplace and others. Establish trust with the employees, to build friendships and reliability. Always practice with safety and health policies in mind, following OSHA and HIPPA guidelines. Attendance is very important, make sure to always be on time and if you are not able to make in to make sure to call the office in advance of your shift. Identifying workplace culture- In the workplace, you will find all kinds of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities. It is important to be able to know them and understand the differences of each one. One of the main interests from cultures are being themselves around others that are not like themselves. Some cultures have different religious beliefs, or traditions. …show more content…
Employers have policies in place against discrimination, this is to make sure that all cultures are treated equally in the workplace. Some companies may hire a candidate based on their culture and how well they will fit with everyone else already employed and other companies will not use this as a resource of hiring (Hunt, 2018).Establishing workplace relationships – is highly important because it gauges how socially inclined one is and how well an individual is able to work with others. Friendships are established through trust and loyalty. Having similar personality traits, like if you are funny or outgoing will also assist with establishing the workplace relationship. When you are able to get along with others, you make the workplace more enjoyable for everyone, including yourself. Learning how each one works in the environment will also give you an idea of how well you can fit in and actually complement one another. If you want to develop your career you must be able to make friends along the way in life. Having a great bond with someone under the realms