Diversity: Lgbt and History in America Essay

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Diversity Paper
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Through out most of history women have never had the chance to be equal to men. They have struggled with fewer legal rights, career opportunities, and equal wages ("Women'S History In America", 1994). . Women are considered weaker than men, and unable to perform work that may be seen as masculine. Even in early years men took care of the hunting, and anything that required labor. The title of woman's profession then was motherhood, and wifehood. Now women can hold high ranking jobs, and basically any job that a man can perform. However, even though women can perform the same job duties as a man, they do not make nearly as much. There are many laws that protect women, and their rights to insure that women have an equal opportunity. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was created to require equal wages for both men and women that are performing equal work ("Women'S History In America", 1994). This law does not necessarily stop companies from paying women less. Discrimination against women still exist today even though it is not as bad as it use to be. Not only do they not have equal wages, but also employers will hire a man before they hire a woman. A woman that has equal or a greater education level, skills, or experience will be over looked if a man has the same qualifications. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was created to prohibit discrimination against women in companies with 25 or more employees ("Women'S History In America", 1994). . However, like mentioned before these laws where created to stop discrimination against women, but it still happens regardless. People think that females can not do masculine things, and only should do feminine things. The same applies to men doing feminine things, and not just masculine things. There are two genders, and two sex but they do not have to go hand in hand with each other. An example of women being masculine and men being feminine are LGBT people. Gentiles do not make up a person, or do not define what they should do, wear, or who they should be with. The fact that people find LGBT people to be different they treat them inhumanly, and discriminate against them. The gay community does not have a voice, and are never heard. They feel that they are separated, and unwanted in certain public places. They are stereotyped, and discriminated against by having profanity screamed at them, they feel uncomfortable in public places, and they are treated unequally. Being an open gay person in the U.S has always been a journey for people. Many years ago people were tochered, and killed just because they were gay. We still have a problem of discrimination against gays, but it is nothing like it use to be. We have came a long ways since then, and in many years to come discrimination against gays will be nonexistent. Just like discriminating against women, there are laws to protect the LGBT community. The world we live in is cruel, and discrimination leads to