Diversity Organizations

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Diversity Organizations
Lakeisha Cooper
February 8, 2015
Miya Martin
Diversity Organizations
Women have been discriminated against throughout the history of the United States. If we look at how much money they make it does not compare to that of men on average and they don't hold as high of jobs in society as men, in general. They have been thought of as being more domestic and taking care of the kids in the past, while the man would work and make the money. This is something that has been going on for hundreds of years but in recent history, there have been massive leaps for equality with women. In 1966, the National Organization for Women was created and this is an organization that has fought hard for the rights of women. In 1967, President Johnson passed Executive Order 11375 which expressed that employers must ensure that all employees are treated equal and they must all have equal opportunities in the company, regardless of their race or gender. This was a huge step forward for everybody in the country and it gave many people opportunities that they might not have had before. Throughout the 60's and 70's, there were many laws that were reformed and policies in companies and in society to make women more equal, not only in the work place, but in society. Regardless of all these steps the media still portrays women as domestic individuals. Television shows portrayed the man going to work, and the woman staying home and taking care of the kids and the duties of the house. Not only do some television shows portray women stereotypically, they often portray men as tough, and rugged. The media portrays men as people who don't cry, who go to work and support the family, when in reality, there are many men who are stay at home dads and who cook and clean. However, there are very few shows that portray this type of male. Most people actually believe in the concept of men don't cry, men do the work, and women stay home and take care of the kids. This has been the layout for a long time, but in recent years many people are growing up not thinking like this.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transsexual people have also been discriminated against in the United States throughout history. One of the oldest laws that was aimed at the gay community was called a "crime against nature" that stated any form of sexual behavior that is considered not natural is a crime. Sodomy is just one of the types of laws that the police could arrest gay people for. Society is much more accepting of the GLBT community today and it is much easier for the GLBT to be more involved and treated equal. Newer generation are much more