Diversity, The Promotion Of Multiple Ethnic Cultures

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Diversity- the promotion of multiple ethnic cultures.
Melting pot-different elements "melting together" into a harmonious whole with a common culture.
Subordinate group- a lower level or an object ranked at a lower level gathering of people.
Migration- physical movement from one area to another.
Lableling Theory- how the self-identity and behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them.
Culture- objects and processes which we respect as material or spiritual values.
Pluralism- the position that there is not one consistent set of truths about the world, but rather many.
Stratification- is the building up of layers.
Panenthicity- used in multicultral societies for the grouping together, and collective labeling, of various independently distinguishable, self-identified and self-sustained ethnicities into one all-encompassing group of people.

In my opinion the most vital part of a persons identity is their gender. With everything thats going on in the world we have people that are unsure of what they are. At one point in time thier was only two options boy or a girl. If you were a girl you were to wear dresses and high heels. As a male you were to wear a short hair cut and suit ties. When is comes to your personal identity anything goes. No one can say whats wrong and whats right. That's why its called ''personal'' identity. Everyones race is biological no one was allowed to pick which race they would like to be at birth. Your parents are going to be the out come of what race you will be born. Your race is one of those situation where you just have to except it, and love your self. Ethnicity is where you are able to exspress your ideas of what kind of person you would like to become. It stems from life exsperience's and child hood up bringing. We tend to relate to others that have the same quilties as us. Simple things such as the way an indiviual dresses. Most of the time you can get