Diversity Paper

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Introduction Diversity is defined as variety; especially the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization, according to Merriam Webster. Our society and more significantly, our classrooms are filled with a diverse group of people. This project provided opportunities to consider the many different ways that people are diverse and then a chance to gain some insight into one of those groups. While I chose bi-racial couples, it gave me an opportunity to see some of the challenges that these different groups endure.
Diversity Paper

The purpose of this paper is to allow each of us to have some insight into a culture, religion, race, nationality, etc. that is unique to our own personal experience. I chose to interview a friend that is in a bi-racial relationship. While I had never given much thought to the challenges a bi-racial couple in a relationship might face, these couples are often starting their relationship with many challenges that would not exist if they married within their race. Even though our society has become somewhat colorblind when it comes to race, these couples will face prejudices as well as difficulties brought about by their own differences. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to refer to my friend as Allie. Allie and I met in Pre-K. During that year, her family began attending the same church as my family. Naturally, we developed a close friendship through the years. During middle school, Allie started attending a different school. As a result, we were usually together at church and church functions but we both made new friends and spent less time together. As the years passed and we both started dating, I was aware that Allie dated boys outside of our race. I really didn’t give it much thought because she was still the same Allie I had been friends with since Pre-K and in all honesty, we were never together in a social setting with boyfriends. When I asked Allie if I could interview her about her relationship, she was more than willing to meet with me. We made arrangements to meet at my house. I decided to let Allie share with me rather than just ask questions. She began by telling me that in the beginning she chose not to tell her parents that she was dating outside of her race. Finally, she posted pictures of her and her new boyfriend on Facebook, knowing that her parents would see them. Initially, it was her mother that confronted her. Even though, she could tell her mother was concerned, she was more accepting than Allie expected. Her father, on the other hand, was not as approving. He avoided being confrontational but pointed out every reason that he felt like she was making a bad decision. Her only sibling is a sister that is already married and lives in another state is more tolerant than truly supportive. Her grandparents are still in the dark about her relationship even though they have been dating for over a year. She is certain they would disown her when they find out. After discussing family, she went on to tell me that she had lost many of her friends once they learned she was dating outside of her race. According to her, most of her friends began avoiding her but there were a few that openly criticized her for dating a black boy. She said even though most of her friends claimed to not be prejudice, they are very uncomfortable having a friend that is in a biracial relationship. Finally, Allie discussed the fact that she is constantly aware that people are staring at them and whispering when they go out in public. Her boyfriend’s family is reluctantly tolerant of