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Diversity Paradigm

Thomas’s action options in the Diversity Paradigm are a good way for managers to find the best way to deal with issues in the workplace and find the best way to correct them. The first action option is the include/exclude option this is where you are either going to include by expanding the number and variability of mixture components or exclude by minimizing the number. The second is to deny by explaining away that you have a problem. The third is to assimilate which is minimizing mixture diversity by insisting the “minority” components conform to the norms of the dominant factor. The forth is to suppress it by removing it from your conscience by assigning it to your subordinates. The fifth is to isolate it by including and setting “different” mixture components off to the side. The sixth is to tolerate it by fostering a room for all attitudes with limited superficial interactions. The seventh is to build relationships by fostering quality ones characterized by acceptance and understanding. The eighth and final one is to foster mutual adaptation in which all components change somewhat for the sake of achieving common objectives. The action option that I am most surprised about is to deny. By denying a problem and explaining it away isn’t going to fix the problem. This seems like the action someone would use that isn’t invested into the well being of the company and are only there to squeak by and get collect that paycheck.