Essay about Diversity: Problem Solving and Diversity

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To me, diversity is when a population contains different qualities within. People of different races, sex, sexuality, political views, style, religion, and age are all factors of diversity. Diversity can be scary to some but I believe it is an essential part of everyday life. When there is diversity, different point of views come together and form a better understanding on topics by looking at it in several point of views instead of just one. Different point of views is important when you are trying to solve complex problems. If there is only one point of view, then if that one point of view is wrong, you are left with nothing. Diversity at work is very important. Businesses are always looking to become more diverse. For some companies, they need to be diverse in age. Younger, more able bodies with veteran leadership is a great example of age diversity. Having employees at hospitals with different race, gender, and other various qualities can be important. If a patient only feels comfortable with someone of similar qualities then it is nice to be able to provide that. Diversity at school is a great learning tool. Students with different qualities thrive off one another. Students with different age groups can learn from each other by sharing experiences some may nor have experiences because of young age and possibly new technology and other modern things better understood by the younger population. Also, students of different race or beliefs can be very helpful. Being able to see or hear another point of view makes me a better problem solver. I enjoy attending Western Technical College because it is a very diverse group of students. Students here have a lot of different paths that have brought them here and