Essay about Diversity: Race and African- American Woman

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Kristina Gemoets
3 December 2012

Diversity Reflection
I often look at myself as a regular African- American woman trying to make it when the odds are truly against her. When I was younger I really didn’t stand up to the people who tried to make me seem as though I was less of a person. I actually never did anything, I wouldn’t tell my parents or any teachers and not because I was afraid, but because I was more embarrassed than anything. So I used to accept every negative and positive label I was given when I was younger. Since then I have grown into a more outspoken, not rude but direct person. If I feel as if I am being disrespected in any form I will confront the person. Not in a confrontational manner but more of a respectful manner and address the issue. Coming to NAU has definitely opened my eyes and has changed me from being so narrow minded. Mostly because of the cultural shock I experienced here. And by that I mean not being around or surrounded by the kind of people I grew up around. NAU taught me that being diverse can be a good and positive thing if that is what you make of it, or it can become negative and intimidating. I have chosen to accept others differences and the ways they were raised. So now if someone racially profiles me or slanders my race in front of me I can just smile at them and go about my day instead of getting upset and making some kind of scene. Surprisingly, I find myself helping my peers keep calm when they get funny looks, or disturbing