Essay on Diversity: Race and Diverse Society

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What I have learned about diversity in the United States has helped me better understand others that I did not before. I have learned that people come in all different forms. For example, some people are born to except and understand different races. Some people were taught to just socialize with their own races. I have learned that you cannot change everything but you can help to point out a different point of views. For example, racism. Racism was and still is a big part of the world. I have learned that if one individual can see that another individual is not what he or she is portrayed as, then his or her view upon the different race could be altered. Being open minded is necessary. Diversity brings so much uniqueness to the world. Each person who is a different race brings something new to America. We get to learn experience and sometimes understand more than usual things about others cultures and their way of living. I have learned that a lot about my race, and cultural history. There is a lot of history with white people. We have done some great things and some horrible things. I believe that the bad things that have happened many years ago are used as ammo in today’s world. If we do not pass judgment on other races and give people a chance to show who they really are, there would be less hate and racism in the world. However, not everybody was raised to think we were equal, or deserve equal things.
I believe that if the trends in immigration continue the population in 2050 would have more than tripled. I believe this because people come to America to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Individuals want to come here and live a free life and be able to enjoy the things America can offer them. People want a better life for their children, and a good education. Immigration is happening all over the world and with all different types of races. Some challenges the United States faces due to such a diverse nation is racism and stereotyping. Many different cultures, beliefs, and ways of living are judged by what other see it as, not the real problem at hand. Having so many different types of people can cause conflict, or it can create unity. Not everybody is raised to except others for who they are or what they believe. However, there are benefits to having such a diverse society. Some examples are the wide variety of cultures we can learn from, and understand. Another example is their food. People that come from all around the world who end up in American bring their cultural food with them. America has so many types of restaurants and types of food, and it is all because of the diversity. Racism could be slightly eliminated if people were more understanding of each other. I believe that we can foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States by not judging a person by their skin or how they look. There is so much racial profiling and stereotyping that goes on all around the globe. Taking a chance and stepping out of our own comfort zones can put us in a place where we have to work with what we are surrounded by. We live in a world where everything is stereotyped, and profiled. For example, the new media. The news media profiles every race. In example, Muslims are profiled to be terrorists and are treated that way by most of the society. African Americans are portrayed to be robbers, or commit crimes. Last but not least, Whites are portrayed to be rich, and live in rich areas. These stereotypes are the most typical ones out there. Not everyone is what they seem to be. Another example is Hip-hop music, or rap. People portray all rappers to be African American or Latino. Although, the media is a great deal bias, the media also has its good sides too. The media shows different races all getting along. For example, That’s so 70’s show,