Essay on Diversity: Race and Group Superiority Themes

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Reflection 2 I picked this 5 values because I believe that does things are what helps me be me and not another type of person who Is influence by categories. First of all, I picked achievement and success because because when I decide that I want to do something I do it based on the success I might accomplish by doing it. Achievement, because I know that I intend to do something I know I would recognize myself for achieving it and because it helps me think that I can do anything I set my mind into. I chose Humanitarian mores as my second value because I like to help does who have less. I know I like to help people who are very much in need, I help does people whenever I can because I never know if one day ill be the one in need of that help. Equality would be my third one, because I like to meet all type of people. I am not a person who judges before actually getting to know that person. I like to be equal and treat people the same. Freedom is my fourth value because I believe that the fact that we don’t have to be telling other people what were going to do. It gives people the liberty they need to know how the outside world is really like and gives a fine experience of how beautiful life can be like. Finally, I chose racism and group superiority themes. This is one of the strongest value that I appreciate the most because I don’t favor any type of race, culture, or beliefs. I don't believe in racism because even if we as people have different color skin, speak another language, or culture is different, we are all human beings at the end who breath and have feeling. I think its beautiful the fact that theres a big diversity of culture because we have the opportunity to learn and expand our knowledge on other cultures. We also learn more about other things from different countries that could always lead to fun adventures in our life.

I don’t think that all Americans value racism and equality. Therefore, some Americans think they are better than other people just because the have white skin tone color. An maybe sometimes they think their better because they can afford a better living than other families who have a different ethnicity. Also, they sometimes think or they say that people who weren’t born here should not be in the U.S. And they should go back to their country of origin. Finally, Equality is not always valued because they think its their