Diversity: Sociology and Strict Moral Values Essay

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I chose my wife Bella as my participant for this assignment it was interesting to see her views as she experiences different cultures working in a hospital. I also did a table myself and found our table answers to be quite similar in that we both seemed to list a lot of the descriptors concerning women in the same category. I feel the media played a role in my perception views of Muslim women, I haven’t known very many Arab or Muslim women but what I would hear is that they were oppressed and denied human rights. We both shared the same views on the table such as Christian Americans as good neighbors, family orientated, well educated, peaceable, socially compliant, open to both sexes, strict moral values, patriarchal society, moderate political values, conservative political values, view women as homemakers and are a law abiding group. And shared the same views on Muslim Arab American groups are seen as oppressive to women, undereducated, violent, governed by the Qur’an. I believe it to be false that Muslim Americans and Arabs are violent people and sexist, I believe that they are peaceful people from the ones I encountered. But to contrary belief I am not certain that the average American would think that way in light of the events occurred on September 11, 2001. The sexist views come from the idea that the average American may be under the impression that Muslims and Arabs dominate the women in their families and take wives left and right. When in reality they have followed American laws when it concerns marriage and family in this country.

I think that the perception of the average American in each group comes down…