Essay on Diversity: The Cosby Show and Things

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There are millions of people in the world, and no two people are exactly alike. That is one of the things that make this world unique. It is also one of the things that cause many problems in society today. People do not seem to understand the things that make us different should be celebrated, and not used against each other negatively. People seem to think that it is okay to judge someone based on how they look, sound, act. When in fact the only thing a person should be judged on is their character. Skin color is not something that should matter, nor is the religion you practice, or your ethnic background. The United States is by far one of the most diverse places in the world. This should make it one of the most interesting places to be. Not one of the most feared. Instead, people are mistreated, judged, and even abused or killed for their differences. These are things that should be learned, and shared and celebrated; instead they are being chastised, discriminated against, and even persecuted for their beliefs. In a world where people are so different, we are all still the same, inside. We are all HUMAN, that in itself should be a bond that nothing, not skin color, religion, or ethnic background should matter more than. With a world so diverse, you should be able to share all the differences, all the different cultural things that make a group unique, with others. It should be a learning experience, not something that causes wars. Sharing the ways of one’s ancestors should be celebrated, not shunned. It is one of the things that make being different so awesome. If you were all the same that would be boring, instead we live in a world where we could gain so much knowledge if we just accepted people for who they are, instead of what they look like. I have learned many different things about myself in the time I have spent in this class, but one thing that I have known all along is, that no matter what, we all belong to one race, the HUMAN RACE, and that, for as different as we all may be, is the one thing we all share, and that, in itself, should be the single most important thing to anyone, ever. What makes us different is the way we handle the gifts we have been given. How we choose to see, and relate to others is what makes us who we are. I believe that the things we are taught should help us have a stronger connection to our ancestors, but it should not define who we are, as a person, today. There are many challenges to be worked through, with us being such a diverse group of people living in this world. In the United States alone there are so many factors that challenge us daily; things like language barriers, and over population. If we all work together we can start a positive trend, and in which we can help to make everyone feel like they belong. In doing this you can help to foster a sense of acceptance in all of the different groups, who at one point in time have felt singled out. As the world continues to grow, people continue to change, and the ethnic cultures continue to expand. People will have to learn acceptance and tolerance for others, or, in a nut shell, this world is doomed. If people do not learn that everyone is human, and that is all that should matter, it will not matter in the end, because all will be lost.
Clearly a diverse society such as ours is incredible. We look to each other for what can be learned and work together to enhance the American experience. There are many ways we as a society work to foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism. Among those ways are through education. Unlike the experiences of generations past, today’s youth are automatically engulfed in diversity in school. Integrated classrooms are now the normal setting for today’s study groups. Many schools offer special classes such as this one that help define and showcase everyone’s unique heritage and advantageous differences. Many of these classes don’t go deep enough, however, to dispel stereotypes or to