Diversity: United States and Dr. Henry Williams Essay

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Diversity in the U.S.

Diversity in the U.S.
March 9, 2014
Dr. Henry Williams


A class on Diversity is needed for every individual. This course, since I’ve taken it, I now have more knowledge and have obtained on the difference of Diversity. I am able to cope with the situation. This course I received from my Instructor Dr. Henry Williams holds much value and I now have and understanding of Diversity, so now I know I should look beyond, go past a persons appearance. The course was constructive and I came out positive. So I encourage you to take that look, but be in perspective and help an individual rather than place a person in a group. Diversity affects by day to day so during my attendance and feedback, I felt that I should expound to questions and ask questions in a way that I would not offend anyone.

America population is really growing and diversity plays a big part, you will find many minority groups throughout the United States. I think diversity is how America thrives, everybody comes here to call home and many want to be called an American. Just imagine if America did not have the different cultures that are here today, the different races of color and the multiple religions it just wouldn’t be what it is today, full of color. Living in America makes you have equality and freedom. Yes, what I’ve learned and accepted the decision of my opinion is that Black African Americans, we have the same rights as the next race. You just need to apply and use the resources that are out in the world. Put on that Critical Thinking mode and just make it happen. Once that effort is put forth you can be successful also, if you desire. When it came to my cultural history, I was not aware that the United States Army has required their leaders to encourage and create activities that represent an African American and honor their families during February for “Black History Month”. I have many family members and friends that are enlisted, retired from the Army, but this was new to me. The shape in demographics in the United States, because of the Immigration population in the U.S. by 2050 the population could reach to 438 million. Immigrants play a large part in population now and we’re only in 2014. This has been taking place since the history of the United States. The Non-Hispanic whites will decline, many are older today so this make the birth rate at a very low pace. Also they are able to come here and vote, having the same rights, so unless there are some changes in politics, I think the Immigrants will take over in the upcoming half century. This is a projection on what’s to come, making an assumption, because of the births that have already came about in the U.S. population. Immigrants usually have larger families than Native Americans. Immigrants continue to populate for decades. I also think this growth of population is also because of them being younger in age than the Native Americans. There are benefits and challenges the United States will face because of diversity in and we can begin in the workplace. Many feel they are discriminated because of immigrants will take a job with not benefits and lesser pay. Also because they are speaking more than one language, it’s a plus for an immigrant. Also the elderly finds it hard to be employed. This brings the movement of EEOC which is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, that is to end the discrimination in the United States. So, I think the challenges are going to include but not limited to fairness. The Federal Communication Commission has made a policy and it mandates equal time, no matter who you are. So everyone is able to be a part of networking. Management Complexity dealing why the learning of society. This is real and cannot be overlooked, regardless of your ethnic, gender, race. Being in leadership stems a large part related and change can arise. I