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Diversity Paper
Christina Lewis
Rasmussen Collage

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This research is being summited on March 6, 2013 For Darlene McKee COG-MA225 Section BRD-1B Laboratory Skills for Medical Assisting

The biggest problems that medical professionals have when treating Amish people or any different religious person, is that may have many different believes. Making sure to have understanding while dealing with them and seeing what you can do to educate them. You have to be sure to give them the information they need to make the decision but also respect them if they don’t deicide what you agree on. Remembering that their religious and or believes are strong and need to be taken seriously. Amish people are simple people and are very religious, they tend to use herbalist and first than chiropractor second than they will go to the doctor lastly. They only go to any of these people if they have symptoms there is no or very little preventive medicine. When there is a health concern they will pray first than go to seek advice and permission for treatment from a church elder or bishops. (Adams CE, 1986) Abortions are not allowed and many women will get sick and die from complicated births. They do allow vaccinations but only about 58% of Amish children get them. The drive to medical practices is also issues most are too far to get to. Amish culture tends to actively use folk and alternative medicine. They also have that Amish people are not as educated. It makes it hard to make medical decision. A Forty year old Amish women comes in to the clinic she has a small child with her that appears to be sick. She states that she thinks that she is pregnant again informing to you that they don’t believe in birth control and immunizations. She tells you that this will be the eight children if she is pregnant again and says she is very tired. All the children at home are sick right now and I am just so tired. (Rearick) There are a couple of things that could be addressed here. Knowing that she is Amish and they have strong believes you do not want to offend her or her culture. First you can ask to examine the baby. While doing this you can explain about vaccines and why they are so important. Also making sure you give her handouts on the vaccines that can help her family. Talk to her about prenatal care for the new baby. On how it is important to start before the baby is born to insure a healthy child. Educating her on proper ways to reduce the spread of germs, like proper cleaning of door handles and washing hands to help keep the other children from getting sick. Even