Divided To The World: A Short Story

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No one, nowadays, hides anything anymore and leave their emotions out to the world like an open book. But, this may not be the best thing to do. Not all things are best shared to the world, and people should make a bigger effort to keep some things private. People are a delicate piece of fabric, instead of the hard stone brick blatantly honest people seem to think we are. Sometimes it’s best to leave your truthful, yet hurtful comments to yourself to preserve others feelings. Not every girl I see in the hall I think is pretty, comparatively, not every thought that crosses through my mind should be shared to the world. I saw this hideous creature one day in the hall, whom I learned was actually one of the students at school. She was wearing a hideous plaid skirt to match, not my style. So I told her, “Your skirt is ugly.” I could immediately see she didn’t take these words well from the crumbling of her face and soon after the tears that leaked from her eyes. There on out I knew that it’s not always best to share the truth. It is good to be honest when one asks, but when someone isn’t asking it’s best to keep your thoughts private to preserve their feelings. If a person never asked, they probably didn’t want to know your thoughts. …show more content…
Sharing to the internet that you’re throwing a party and you live on 32 Baker Lane, is honest, but is best left unsaid; something you’ll figure out when a 35 year old cold blooded murder comes knocking on your door. Even sharing with people off the internet your private information can be dangerous as well. You never know what your chemistry partner’s intentions are, and telling him that you keep your car door unlocked everyday, may be what led to the stealing of your car. Private information is called private for a reason, its what only you and a few trusted people should know. Honesty stops being good at the point where your safety is on the