Diving in Mind Essay

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1.0 Executive Summary 2
1.1 Mission Statement 3
1.2 Vision Statement 3
2.0 Business Description 4
2.1 Company Ownership 4
2.2 Hours of Operation 4
2.3 Location 5
2.4 Product and Service 5
2.4.1 Bookstore and Library 5
2.4.2 Coffee House 5
3.0 Personal SWOT Analysis 6
4.0 Organization and Management Plan 6
4.1 Management Theories 7
4.2 Social Responsibility 7
4.3 Internal Management Team 7
5.0 Market Strategy Analysis 8
5.1 Industry analysis 8
5.1.1 Main Competitors 9
5.1.2 Business SWOT 10
5.2 Target Market 11
5.3 Marketing Mix 12
6.0 Financial Plan 14
6.1 Starts Up Costs 14
6.2 Monthly Operational Expenses 14
6.3 Itemize the Monthly Revenues 14
7.0 Conclusion 15
References 16

1.0 Executive Summary
Coffee house business industry is booming in America, according to First Research (SBDCNet, 2012). Gross margin for a coffee shop is about 85%, with operating income averaging 2.5% of net sales. and unit sales of books maintained the growth seen over the past few years.
Diving in Mind is a combination of coffee house and bookstore with a vision of offering a wide variety of book collection and providing a welcoming, relaxed environment. Customers will have excellence food and service there. All kinds of coffee and tea, delicious and beautiful bake food and ice-cream will be offered. The inner decoration of the store will concentrate on delivering a relaxing atmosphere. There will be a wall used to present art-works from local artistes.
Diving in Your Mind will be located in the Bleecker Street. The area is close to New York University and heavily populated with young, upwardly, mobile persons.
The Diving in Mind is owned by a limited liability corporation including Chuanjin Zheng and Alex Zhang. It will raise $110,000 of its own capital, and it will have limited loan of $80,000 guaranteed by the SBA. This cover the majority of the current financing required.
Chuanjin Zheng will operate as general manager. Alex Zhang will also be a pastry chef. An assistant manager will be hired to assist general manager with daily operations.
There will be some competitors in this business, such as Mud, Third Rail, Housing Works, Bookstore Café, McNally Jackson Bookstore and Forbidden Planet. They are well established and well known.
The promotion and advertising will take a portion of profits. Diving in Mind will seek visibility, branding and build immediate traffic through sending gift items, social responsibility, sending samples and discount coupons.
1.1 Mission Statement Diving in Mind will make its best effort to promote reading in the city, and to build an irreplaceable place in the city for customers to read and study in a relaxing and calming atmosphere when they enjoy best pastries and beverage.
1.2 Vision Statement
Diving in Mind’s three-year goals:
To become the major source of books and the place for quality coffee in New York;
To be an involved member in the community;
To attain substantial loyal customers who live and work in the area;
Sales grow 50 percent over the first 3 years.
In order to achieve those goals, Diving in Mind will:
Be consistently providing excellent specialty beverages, bakery items and excellent books collection;
Attain visibility through the media such as Tweeter, Facebook etc. and other advertising;
Keep inventory available and satisfy customer needs;
2.0 Business Description The Diving in Your Mind is a combination of coffee house, library and bookstore. It will found as a Limited Liability Corporation in New York, and it will be located in the Bleecker Street. The area is close New York University. It will offer a wide variety of book collection and providing a welcoming, relaxed environment. Customers will have excellence food and service there.
2.1 Company Ownership
Because of the advantage of limited liability, Diving in Mind will be found as a Limited Liability Corporation in the New York. Chuanjin Zheng owns 51% of the company. Alex Zhang as well as other investors hold