Divorce And Cancer Affects A Person's Life

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Some common types of events that many shared were that they have had dogs, moving, divorce, and cancer. So many classmates had similar stories because family problems like divorce and moving are common in general. Having dogs and cancer are also common in the world as well it's not that this class it is common in but most of these topics are common worldwide. According to humanesociety.org around 54.4 million households have at least one dog in the USA. This makes this a common topic therefore fitting why so many people shared that topic. Also according to the APA (American Psychological Association) apa.org around 40-50% of people in the USA get a divorce at some point in their life. This again makes this topic extremely common to be talked about. (I would have added more statistics about the rest but I remember that you said you didn't want much more than 7 sentences.) …show more content…
between each parent and disrupts the life of the children. Cancer is a very sad topic to talk about because since it is so common it affects so many people when their family members die. This does not mean that we as humans are weak everyone gets sad at some point in their life. I think it makes us stronger and helps us learn to deal with hard and tough things to bear with. When some one lives long without having dealing with any sort of drastic event for most of their life then when the do have that first time it will hit them harder than it would someone that has already felt that pain