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Divorce and Remarriage Assignment

Madyson Pershy

1. I think both objectives would work, but in my opinion I would rather try to make marriage more difficult to obtain. I say this because I believe that once people are married, they shouldn’t get divorced. The pros to making divorce more difficult to obtain would be the amount of legal assistance needed for divorces would decrease and the increased effort in trying to make the marriage work between the couple. The cons to making divorce more difficult to obtain would be the difficulty of people truly in need of a divorce, such as an abusive relationship would be an example for a truly needed device. Another con for this would be if it actually affected the children more if the parents stayed in the marriage longer.
The pros of the second approach, to make marriage more difficult to obtain, would be the time people spent together and learned about each other before they were allowed to wed. The biggest con I can identify for this approach would be that people wouldn’t take it lightly if someone told them they weren’t allowed to wed. I think that’s just because legally, all heterosexual couples are allowed to wed in The United States. Therefore, people are going to react in a negative way when being told they can’t or aren’t ready to wed the person they want to.
After reading all the information to reduce divorce, I believe that Iowa is doing as much as they possibly can under constitutional rights. I don’t think there are much comprehensive programs or social policies to be implemented than there currently are. Due to the fact that people have certain rights by law and being forceful in a situation where they legally have the right to do what they please. According to the websites, divorce is a lot harder to obtain than marriage is in Iowa. I definitely support the comprehensive program that Iowa implements with court appointed counseling for couples seeking divorce.
2. The initiator has the advantages of making emotional adjustments in the divorce process, way before the other spouse. They also have the advantage of preparing for the divorce and has most likely set up their case and support, before the other spouse even knows. The biggest difference I believe is that the initiator has already gone through detachment and is way ahead in the process, unlike the person being left.
3. The most common reason a woman’s standard of living declines after divorce, while her husband’s increases is because women going through a divorce tend to be intimidated by their husbands. Due to this, they end up signing many items they use to share, over to their husbands. Women also get the down side of the marriage in standard living because they tend to be more emotional during a divorce, while their soon to be ex husbands see it more as a benefit to them.
They know statistically they are more likely to gain more from the divorce than women. Divorce and Remarriage Assignment

Madyson Pershy

4. Marriage can result in a divorce for many reasons. The ones that are most likely to be