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When referring to divorce it is often said that children would rather come from a broken home than live in one. This is however not to say that children are completely unaffected by divorce, even if the circumstances leading up to the split were considerably amicable. The process of divorce in general can prove to be incredibly draining on everyone involved. The stress of a marriage falling apart is undoubtedly strenuous on the adults involved and although unintentionally, those everyday burdens seep into the lives of the children living in the situation.
The reality of divorce is that it is in almost all cases a process. As a relationship approaching divorce progresses, there are often painful milestones that those involved go through before coming to the conclusion that the relationship is better for those involved if it were to end. Children, no matter how much is hidden, experience this process as well although to varying degrees. Children who experience anger and fighting in the home are shown to mimic these behaviours in their everyday lives. Consequently, children of divorce may experience challenges developmentally considering these effects have the ability to build up over time. Fortunately enough most of these effects with the right care, tend to diminish over time, though long­term effects remain.
Children in particular have an astounding ability of somehow finding blame within themselves for anything. When faced with their parents relationship potentially falling apart, children often tend to look more deeply into the average mistakes that they have made, even though they are in fact still learning the emotional and mental control that comes along with age. In today’s society, an average of 2 out of 5 children will experience their