Divorce: Divorce and Children Essay

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Divorce and the Substantial Changes Ahead Divorce will take a seemingly normal life and put it into an uncontrollable spin which slows down gradually. What is left is to pick up the pieces and proceed forward with life. Emotions often run very high, one should avoid letting emotions turn into confrontations. Present circumstances and the future of the children should be priority. How will divorce affect circumstances? First, the separation and who is moving out, or are both parties moving from the family abode. Vary rarely do the parents reside together during the divorce process. Next, Divorce papers are obtained either Pro Se, which is self-representation or some high-paid attorney drafts and files them with the court. Mediation between the parents is always best. The cost of legal counsel can cost a fortune and in some cases, bankrupts one or both parents. If the parents do not come to an agreement with mediation, they should seek legal counsel. Divorce papers are never a good thing for anyone involved. The court may order that the children have a child advocacy attorney which protects the rights of the children.
What is Child Custody? Child custody determines who the children will reside with on a more permanent basis during and after the divorce. Child custody is based on the emotional needs of the children; furthermore, which parent can best care for the child.

What is child support? Child support is financial support for the needs of the child or children involved in a divorce. Child support is based on the needs of the child or children and the ability of the person responsible for child support. One should avoid child support because it is parasitical on the financial income. The way to do that is children reside with one parent for a week and then with the other parent for a week and so on. Health insurance for the children also needs to be a consideration. Separation of tangible items tends to always be surrounded by emotions and confrontation. Separation of tangible items should be considered before anyone moves from the family abode. Tangible items are best split equally according to appraised value of the assets. If there is a home involved with a mortgage then the house is sometimes sold and the equity is split.
Child visitation schedules must be decided by the parents. Child visitation may have many variations depending on the parents’ schedules and agreements. Parents that do not reside in close proximity of each other, variations become more