Divorce: Family and Wonderful Parent Essay

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Dear Amber,

I wanted to write a letter to you to remind you of how thankful I am that you take a significant part in my life. You have been the best aunt anyone could have asked for. You have always been there for my family.
I know that this time in your life happens to be one very difficult time. I wanted to write you a letter to remind you that you did not fail as a parent. I don’t know the emotions that you may feel but I wanted to remind you that you have done a marvelous job raising both of your daughters. I hope that you never blame yourself for the decisions that your children have made in their lives. I could not imagine the pain that you are facing now but remember that God is still in control and everything happens for a reason. We as humans may not understand why something play out the way they do but I can assure that nothing happens without the Lord orchestrating it. I want to encourage you to remain strong for yourself and d for rachael. I hope you know that there’s not a day that goes by that I do not pray for you and your family.
I must say it has been amazing to see the sacrifices that you have made for your daughters and the sacrifices that you still do make to raise Isabella. It amazes me how you have the ability and strength to come home from a long day of work and take care of Bella. That’s determination and characteristics of an unselfish grandma and parent. I know that life for you hasn’t always been the greatest but you still have managed to do your best with your children. Please never forget that you are a wonderful parent and grandma. All the things that you have done for your children you might think its