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Many couples stay together just for loyalty, liability or fear of having to start all over again with or without someone else. Today's couples hardly endure and the average of divorces or separations is always increasing. A relationship is broken by many things, but we can mention three that are the most frequent and the most widespread. Nevertheless, this does not indicate that they are the only ones for which love ends; indeed, we all know that we need to try to prevent this break in time, or at least realize it possible to have clear reasons why we are breaking up. For this purpose, infidelity, abuse and monotony are the greatest enemies in relationships. Infidelity, in most of the case, occurs when one person that is in a relationship opt to find someone that really fulfill their needs but they are so afraid to break up with their actual relationship choosing for cheat and become an infidel person. This can happen to anyone, and when it does, it would be necessary to accept the fact, keeping in mind that under no circumstance someone can force, buy or manipulated the heart. Also when one person in the relationship is paying attention more in her or his career, job, children, social life, that person is neglecting the another part and it would go out and look for that attention needed. Eventually, the person who is being unfaithful, suffer of lack appreciation, creating stress, and aging makes the person unwanted and less valuable. The low self-esteem surround them; subsequently, they choose to prove themselves that they are still valued making the mistake to develop an extramarital affair.
Loneliness, isolation, depression, and hopelessness arrive in marriages because of monotony. When that empty feeling appears in a party, the person tends to go looking for their "perfect match" although it does not know what it really wants. Falling out of love is very much possible and true when the monotony life gets in the relationships; accordingly, if there is another person to make them feel more alive, this will be chosen as new partner unconsciously.
The fundamental characteristic of physical abuse is the use of violence, purposeful, repetitive and aimed to cause pain, usually produced as a result of negative behavior. Not only physical abuse could happen in the relationship, but also emotional or physiological abuse happens often. In this case, one party systematically controls the other by: undermining his or her confidence, worthiness, growth, or trust; under those circumstances, manipulating him or her with fear or shame. In other words, this person is submitted to verbal abuse, lying, undermining self-esteem, humiliation, monitoring their whereabouts, and intimidation. Another abusive that could make a relationship ends is the abuse of control of finance. This can be done to harm another