Divorce Reaseach Paper

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Divorce is something that we hear everyday and don’t even blink an eye when we hear that couple is splitting up. According to research, 40 to 50 percent of all first marriages end up in divorce. Second marriages have a 60 percent divorce rate, and your odds don’t get better with your third marriage. This means one out of every two marriages end in a divorce and most of our children will be raised in single parent homes. Divorce in 2014 is much more widely accepted in the United States and considered common practice. However but the question is why so many people are getting divorced and what are the effects is it having on us and our children in society here in the United States.
With laws such as the no fault marriage and it being so quick to get a divorce it makes marriage and divorce a very casual thing in the United States. Study show that divorce is up 15-20 percent since the no fault law has been in place. No Fault means that neither party is at fault during the divorce no matter what the case may be why they are filing for a divorce. In America it used to be difficult to get divorced. You would have to have a valid reason to get divorced such as adultery, abuse, and drug or alcohol addiction are just some examples. The Judge might order counseling before they grant a divorce. The courts use to make you work on you marriage. This is no longer the case now a day with the no fault law in place. It is so easy in fact, that if both party agree on all the legalities such as splitting house, cars, debit, legal custody of the children, for example couples don’t even need to see a lawyer. Each person can represent themselves or even in some states the court will provide a mediator at little or no cost at all. Everything from start to finished can be finalized by the end of the day in some cases. Therefore it is extremely easy for couples to act on emotion and anger get a divorcer in a short amount of time rather than going through concealing or actually having the time to think about the consequences of getting divorced.
In many studies the age that couples get married also has an effect on the divorce rate. Couples that get married later in life are more likely to be more financially stable and also more mentally mature helping their relationship. Couples that get married at a young age feel trapped and feel like they haven’t lived their life to the fullest which leads to infidelity. Depending on the education of the person also an effect on marriage. College-educated men and women get married later in life have a better change of staying together than non-educated men and women who get married at a young age. The chances of divorced increase 30 percent account to US Bureau of Labor Statistics with couples that didn’t get high school