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Divorce Wins Most Popular
Take a minute and think of the ideal wedding. Think about the colors, the smells, the people, the food. As selfish humans, we put ourselves in our own dreams, so we would envision ourselves as either the bride or groom; so, the real question is, who are we standing next to at the alter? Most would say they are standing next to someone who God has planned for us to be with when He created all of creation. Still, after years of marriage and feeling that the person we married is the only one for us in this world, many couples decide it is best to get divorced. Especially Christian couples; apparently they have higher divorce rates than non-Christian couples. If we know that God hates divorce, why do so many couples, Christian couples especially, decide that divorce is the best choice to make? Some may feel that marriage was the best option at the time because God had placed a person in their lives whom they figured would be the one they share their life with, some get married because, honestly, they are ready to have sex, and some may have felt that they knew how to have a spiritual relationship so they were ready for marriage. Many girls grew up imagining the perfect man that happens in fairytales and in movies. However, as they grew older, they realized that that perfect life where people sing for no reason could never happen. Most Christians at this time realize that God has a plan for them and the most perfect, God-loving person will come along at some point because God has a plan for everyone and the people that He puts in our lives must be there for a reason. However, many people after five, ten, maybe even one year after marriage realize that their spouse is not the person they expected to be married to. Christians often get caught up in the fact that God already has the blueprints to our lives and He knows exactly who we should end up with, but they do not take into consideration, that they need to wait and see what other surprises God has in store for them. We seem to want marriage so badly that we do not notice the person who we say we love is the type of person who annoys us most or that they do not meet our expectations. God does have a plan, however, we are so hasty in our decisions that most couples do not get a chance to sit down and pray to the one who actually knows what will happen down the road and make sure marriage is the right decision. After years of waiting for the right person to come along and staying pure for them, someone who is single comes along and is also a Christian. The thoughts running around are mostly, “Are they a Christian? Are they single? What do we have in common?”. Once the relationship has become a serious one and the two talk about the future, the exciting thought of the wedding night enters the brain. While exciting, and God has planned that for most people, the thought of finally having sex could affect the way the relationship ends up. As The Christian Post quotes, "Restricting sexual activity to marriage and encouraging large families seem to make young people start families earlier in life, even though that may not be best for the long-term survival of those marriages"(Kumar n.p). One may be feeling that this is not the relationship they wanted, but once sex is an option, their original thoughts would be dismissed. Some people go into relationships not focusing on God and if it is a spiritual relationship or not but mostly because everyone