DJFunderburk MAN6721 1 Week 11 Essay

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Individual Work
DJ Funderburk
MAN6721-1 – Week 11
Professor Gray-Baker
December 31, 2014

Individual Work 3-4 pages
Article 11 Intuit Inc. (INTU) is a company that is located in Mountain View, CA, that actually went as far as to celebrate a failure that transpired in their company. According to Thomas Kuczmarski from the Chicago New-Product Development Consultant states “What most companies do is put a wall around a failure as if it's radioactive," and says that there is no wrong in having a failure party so that the company will be able to target what went wrong and what strategy should be done to fix the problem. In this case INTU back in 2005 attempted to combine tax-filing with a hip-hop style and it failed terribly when trying to attract the younger tax payers. Management then decided to change the strategy and have a web site made to attract the younger tax payers and it is called and even gave discounts to travel sites with Expedia Inc., Rick Jensen VP of INTU indicated that there were some issues, but once it was corrected it worked out great. As long as we learn from our mistakes we will continue to grow and mature as a company or corporation. (McGregor, 2006)
Module 11
Question 1 The Stakeholders within Capital One is Principle Associates, Supplier Management, and Principal TP Managers. The claims are many, but I will only name a few of these and they are as follows: “1) Act as a point of contact for third part and manage effective governance structure. 2) Assist in development and execution of category/supplier strategies. 3) Partner with internal budget owners to deliver against operating or marketing budgets. 4) Monitor and ensure successful delivery against third party contractual obligations. 5) Manage on-boarding/off-boarding of third parties” (Unknown Author, 2014). If these claims are not met then Capital One could be downgrading their employees. There are always changes that can be made to help the company and this is mainly what the stakeholders try to keep in mind when making these claims.
Question 2
A. The stockholders review Richard Fairbanks as a leader and mentor and one that as a great deal of informational knowledge. He has amazing strategy goals for the company and implements them for success. B) From personal experience and evaluating Mr. Fairbanks, he is a man of great ambition and of ideas of strategy and guidance. He is the type of individuals that will do your job no matter what it is. Fairbanks is a born leader and would not ask anyone else to do something that he would not do it himself. C) I do not know much about the customers that are in the UK, but here in Plano, Texas they have a respect for him and he is able to talk to each and every customer that he meets on their level and they respect him for that. Not many customers would be able to talk so plainly and openly to a man that is the CEO of such a wonderful company. D) I think that the perspective of the suppliers see’s Mr. Fairbanks as a well-rounded individual and creating mutual beneficial relationships with all types of individuals and diverse businesses that helps to accommodate suppliers and their diversity with good business sense. I feel that his goal is to include diverse enterprises and make sound decisions in sourcing opportunity bases.
The ability and evaluation of Mr. Fairbanks of Capital One has his priorities in the right place and he stands by the mission statement of the company. This tells me that Mr. Fairbanks is a man of his word and will do what he can to make the employees and management happy and give them the rewards that they deserve for work well done. He has a very strong strategies and goals that the company and strong commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism.
Question 3 Capital One is focused on their principles, stockholders and aligning the interest of the unit managers along with the managers and superiors of the organization. There are…