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How does mobile phone impact today’s society
Create an annotated bibliography. Each entry should consist of three sections: an MLA-format citation, a summary/paraphrase of the source's contents, and an evaluation of the source.
Annotations of short sources must summarize the sources' entire contents, but annotations of long sources (i.e., books) should focus on the relevant section.
Annotations should (but don't absolutely have to) include paraphrases or quotations that you plan to use in your paper.
Evaluations must discuss the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources.
Each annotation must be at least 150 words long, not including the citation.
Your annotated bibliography must include a minimum of five good-quality, preferably scholarly sources. It can also include popular sources if they're very high quality, credible, and relevant.

Ling, Richard Seyler., and Scott W. Campbell. Mobile Communication: Bringing Us Together and Tearing Us Apart. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 2011. Print.

In the extract “Here and now in a virtual kind of way” from the book Communication:bringing us together and tearings us apart, The author describe the arguments of Kathleen Cumiskey about “mobile symbiosis” she explain how mobile phone communication individualize us by taking us away from the present situation. She also describe our attitude when we are in communication with an interlocutor. We focus on the conversation that we are having and pay less attention to other people around us. After some interviews she conclude that people have the needs to stay in touch with their parents and family, therefore they give priority to these contact over the social and sometimes physical risks.
And finally she highlights the fact that people use mobile phone conversation as a stratagem to avoid some interaction by pretending that they are in communication.

This source support my topic by revealing a few aspect of the mobile phone impact on people’s behaviour and lives. The author remain objective in his writing. His arguments are supported by evidences. Indeed he relies on other professionals arguments.

Glotz, Peter, Stefan Bertschi, and Chris Locke. Thumb Culture: The Meaning of Mobile Phones for Society. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2005. Print.
In this extract the author develop the social benefits of the mobile phone, he explains that mobile phone allow people to plan and organize their everyday life. He share the result of the Kigali survey that allowed them to identify people communication partner and find out that people talk more frequently to the family and friends that they have than new family members or friends. One of the evidence that he uses is “As sociologist have observed with the landline in other settings (Balls 1968; Thorngren 1977) mobiles are increasing the frequency of contact with existing friends and family”. He develop the idea that cellphone are used for