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Destination Kent Notes:

People To Know:
Dr. Lester Lefton – Kent State President
Dr. Gregg Andrews – Dean of Tuscarawas Campus
Dr. Frances Halder – Assistant Dean
Rob Brindley- Coordinator of Academic Services
Sally Fadorson – Admissions Counselor
John Highman – Admissions Counselor
Dawn Plug – Financial Aid

Tips From Teacher: 1. Develop a master calendar using all class syllabuses – especially due dates & tests 2. Check the announcements that are televised throughout campus 3. Check KSU email daily When emailing proffs, include name/class/class days & times 4. Commit 2 hours outside of class to studying for every 1 hour you’re in class 5. Finals week: classes will only meet one day that week Classes will be 2 hours that week Have backup plans to make it to class – DO NOT MISS 6. Be courteous to everyone – people will remember

Other-imposed: someone else’s goal that you must meet/accomplish
Self-imposed: goals we create ourself

Short Term: Immediate goals
Interim: Goals set to accomplish along the way to reaching long term goals
Long Term: Goals set that take time to accomplish

Goals can be broad or specific
Goals are significant or insignificant

Steps to Reach Goals: 1. Completion – conclusion 2. Acquiring – acquire skill or material 3. Becoming – become certain type of person or profession 4. Stopping – goals set to stop something (lose weight, quit smoking, etc) 5. Maintenance – once goal is met it needs to be maintained

Goal Planning Variables:
What – What is the goal
When – Timeline
Where – Where will this goal be accomplished
How – Strategy

Kent State History:
Kent Normal School was founded in 1910
Kent State has a rich tradition in the preparation of teachers
Kent State delivers education to the