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It shocked me when I found out that none of my teachers knew anything about DMT. Dimethyltryptamine, it’s produced in our pineal gland naturally while we sleep. The pineal gland is also known as our third eye. According to egyptian belief, humans far in ancient times actually had a third eye on the back of their heads. It had a spiritual and divine function that over time when humans evolved and it sunk into the center of our brains into what we call our pineal gland. I don't actually believe that there was a literal third eye but I do believe the pineal gland has spiritual and divine connection with the DMT that it makes. It’s really incredible to me because DMT is in pretty much all plants and mammals naturally. It can be extracted from the plants and made into a psychedelic that is highly illegal. Kind of like Iowaska. Actually DMT is an ingredient in Iowaska. Its just, this is a psychedelic that is naturally produced in your brain! That is what is so weird! I think that when you sleep at night, the DMT that is released during REM sleep sort of puts you into a trip and that is what makes you have dreams. You smoke DMT when you use it as a psychedelic. And it’s not like mushrooms, where it takes 45 minutes to kick in, it’s instant. After the second to third hit you close your eyes and sort of fall asleep and have this dream. But it’s more than a dream. It’s a connection with your subconscious in another world. It lasts very shortly and when you wake up the more you start to think about what happened in this dream (or trip) the faster you forget it. Kind of like when you wake up in the morning and you know you had this really awesome dream but you can't even begin to recall it. Bursts of DMT is released in your brain when you are having a near death experience. Which makes sense because you always hear about when people say they died and came back to life and they saw heaven and things, I mean they even made a show about people telling their stories of what happened when they died and were out of their bodies and then came back to life. Isolation, trauma and