Essay on Dna and Genetic Modification

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Genetic engineering is the process of adding and altering new DNA (genetic material) to an organism so that the organism has specific characteristics.
A few examples of genetic engineering is cloning ,pesticide resistant rapeseed oil which is a flowering plant used to make certain types of vegetable oil. Genetic engineering has allowed these plants to be resistant to certain types of pesticides, so that when the fields are treated to remove pests, the plants will remain unscathed. Golden rice is also another example as Genetic modification is often used to make "healthier" foods, such as golden rice, which contains beta-carotene – the very same vitamin that makes carrots orange. The result is that people without access to many vitamins will get a healthy dose of vitamin A when the rice is consumed. Modification of genes has helped to create pigs that can digest phosphorous better, which decreases the pig’s phosphorous output. The result is that manure, which is often made from pig waste, is less destructive to the environment due to its lower phosphorous content. Demand for wood can be more effectively met by trees that grow faster than average because genetic engineering has produced trees that can ward off biological attacks, grow more quickly and strongly, and create better wood than trees that are not genetically modified. Tomatoes are also an example as when tomatoes are genetically engineered; they can be made bigger and more robust. These are engineered to produce tomatoes that can remain fresh for longer, can be shipped farther from where they are grown, and can be harvested all at the same time rather than harvesting only parts of a field at each harvest.
Law about genetic modification
The Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2000:
Require risk assessment of activities involving genetically modified micro-organisms and activities involving organisms other than micro-organisms. All activities must be assessed for risk to humans and those involving GMMs assessed for risk to the environment;
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