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Who was Rosalind Franklin, what did she discover and how did she discover it?
Rosalind franklin was a Pioneer Molecular Biologist which discovered the discovery of DNA structure helped her co-workers understand how genetic information passes from parents to their offspring. Rosalind also discovered the double helix by a process called x-ray crystallography. X-ray crystallography is a tool used for identifying the atomic and molecular structure of a crystal, in which the crystalline atoms cause a beam of incident X-rays to diffract into many specific directions. By measuring the angles and intensities of these diffracted beams, a crystallographer can produce a three-dimensional picture of the density of electrons within the crystal. From this electron density, the mean positions of the atoms in the crystal can be determined, as well as their chemical bonds, their disorder and various other information.
Who were Watson and Crick, what did they discover and how did they discover it?
Crick and Watson, together with Maurice Wilkins, won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of the structure of DNA. This was one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

Describe the structure of DNA
In DNA, two strands coil together to form a double helix. There are chemical cross-links between the two strands, formed by pairs of bases.

Why was the structure of DNA seen as such an important scientific discovery?
The purpose of DNA is to give the characterises of both sex cells (inherited from parents) from both genders each containing 23 chromosomes which both sex cells combine in the process of fertilisation. From each sex cell the nucleus combines.

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