Essay on Dna Profiling

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DNA profiling is a method of identifying an individual by unique characteristics of their DNA. A specific DNA pattern, called a profile, is obtained from an individual or a sample of tissue. This allows the comparison of the base sequence of two or more DNA samples to determine whether they are related.
DNA profiling has many uses, in prevention of economic fraud, dietetic work, and classifying species, identifying bodies, forensic science, screening for disease, and investigating paternity. Most importantly DNA profiling is used in forensic science; used to identify who committed the crime. It is estimated that roughly one percent of all criminal cases employ this technique. However, DNA profiling has been used to acquit several
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DNA profiling has many applications in a dietitians work such as people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and Ulcerative Colitis. Ulcerative Colitis is a very uncomfortable disease and flare us can occur when certain foods are consumed such as broccoli and mushrooms. Dietitians are able to advise people with this condition on how to reduce the risk of flare ups by eating appropriate foods. Dieticians know this because research shows that people with a certain DNA profile are more susceptible to developing a disease or unpleasant symptoms than others who consume the same foods. The problem is that they do not know the genetic profile of their patient and they often provide dietary advice that is unnecessary. However, it is safer to regulate their diet just in case they do have the profile that causes the problem.
The procedure of DNA profiling contains many different techniques and processes. The DNA is first extracted from a specimen. It is then mixed with a special enzyme called restriction endonucleases or restriction enzyme which function is biological scissors and they cut the DNA at specific sites .The restricted fragments are then separated according to size using gel electrophoresis technique. The next process is southern blotting. The comparison of the bands in the DNA profiles of different specimen from the same individual will show similarity whereas DNA specimen of two different individuals will show different DNA