DNA Science Lab: Review Test Essay

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DNA Extraction:

Genomic DNA is found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells.
Mitochondria contain single­stranded DNA from our mother. Reagents Used in Lab:
● Lysis Buffer: Disolves the cells’ nuclear membranes and the phospholipid bilayer, allowing for the DNA to be released
● Protease: Breaks down cellular proteins. We used protease to DESTROY DNAses and the histones.
● Cold Alcohol: to precipitate the DNA out of the solution. The DNA is less soluble in alcohol, so it WILL become visible. The human genome refers to the 46 chromosomes that are found in human cells. The difference in ??


● practice with gel to see/conclude which candies use which dyes
● also to help understand how the gel acts as a strainer when separating fragmented
1. took dye off candies (dye extraction buffer)
use reference dyes as a marker
used the centrifuge to move the sugar down to the bottom
added reference dyes and dye samples into electrophoresis chamber gel
ran electricity through samples to determine which reference dyes were most similar to the dyes from the candies
Conclusion: size and charge determine how far dyes travel and in what direction they will travel DNA Fingerprinting
● Extract the DNA from the organism being tested
● Use restriction enzymes that search for specific sequence of base pairs and then cut it when they find that sequence
● This results in multiple different bands of DNA all of different length, depending on the order of the DNA
● These can then be placed in the gel electrophoresis and be separated by their length
○ smallest segments go the furthest (bands)
● This can help determine the difference in organisms DNA
○ in our case we used this to detect which suspect matched the crime scene by comparing the bands in the gel, to compare the different lengths of bp the enzyme separated it into