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Lab 2
Germination is the process by which a seed emerges from the seed coat. Many different variables can affect the process of germination. For this experiment, I placed one bag of beans in a dark closet to represent no sunlight, one bag of beans to one side of my personal television to represent some sunlight and heat exposure, and the last bag inside my personal freezer to represent exposure to cold temperatures. After doing so, I observed and recorded daily data for ten consecutive days.
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid ) carries design information between generations, and thus accounts for inherited biological traits (phenotypes ). At conception, a father's sperm injects a set of DNA molecules into a mother's egg, which already contains a nearly matching set. Those molecules contain the designs for all the material components their child needs for growth, development, and daily living
Germination begins with the seed taking in water, developing the cellular metabolism, and ends with the root tip emerging. When this happens, growth continues and the germination period ends.
This step is crucial to the development of the seed. Different variables will affect the survival of the seeds. Some of the different variables may include-temperature, light, exposure to heat and cold. To better understand germination, I will conduct an experiment on “What is the amount of time in days for a bean to germinate using three different locations?” My hypothesis is that the beans located in the closet and beside the television will germinate faster than the freezer beans.
For this experiment, I used the following materials three 5x8 plastic bags, one water-proof marker, 30 beans, paper towels, masking tape, and three damp paper towels.
I used the following method: first, soaked the beans in water overnight. Next, I randomly selected 30 beans from my beginning total of 100. Then I labeled three bags as “closet”, “side of television”, and “freezer.” After words,