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1. What is the definition of a clone? - A cell, group of cells, or organism that is produced asexually from and is genetically identical to a single ancestor. The cells of an individual plant or animal, except for gametes and some cells of the immune system, are clones because they all descend from a single fertilized cell and are genetically identical.

2. Restriction endonucleases are enzymes that recognize and cut DNA at specific nucleotide sequences. Recognition sequences for the restriction enzyme HindIII is '5-AAGCTT-3' on one strand. What would be the site of recognition on the complementary strand?

2. Vectors are generally termed carrier molecules. For a molecule to serve as a vector, there are certain properties that it must have. What are these properties?

3. The plasmid pUC18 carries a fragment of the lacZ gene that confers upon the appropriate host the ability to convert X-gal from a colorless to a blue-colored compound. A polylinker is inserted into this fragment. In the presence of X-gal in the medium, and transformation into an appropriate host strain, a plasmid that contains inserted DNA will produce which color colonies—blue or white?

4. Besides bacterial plasmids, what are some other molecules that can be used as cloning vectors?

5. The yeast artificial chromosomes have become an important tool in the cloning of eukaryotic genes. What are the factors that make these vectors an excellent cloning tool?

6. Plants or animals carrying a foreign gene are called ______________ organisms?

7. The polymerase chain reaction