Do American Companies Follow Stricter Environmental Laws? Essay

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Environment The environment is one of the simplest, yet strangest aspects of human life. To the naked eye the environment looks very simple, trees provide a shelter for animals which live harmoniously together without the interruption of people. The trees and plants were not planted by certain individuals, they just appeared. However, man is greedy to the extent that he starts to want more and more land and thus starts to damage the environment to become more efficient and more profitable. Therefore, we ethical choose to be wealthy and profitable over being morally right and environmentally friendly. In my macroeconomics class, we have been talking about the business side of the environment and how the environment can hold the key to being a successful and profitable business. Companies can buy land that was previously left idle by nature and they can develop a million dollar business simply from that location, but the chances are slim. More realistic are the odds that the manufacturer of a product would be able to make his product for a cheaper price and make it more efficiently maximizing his profit and lowering prices for consumers. It seems like a win-win situation, where the consumer would benefit by having more product for less money and the company benefits from selling more product for more of a profit. Ethically and morally we must ask ourselves what is the price we are physically paying. While we are not paying any more for the products that are being made more efficiently we are paying through the methods that they are using to produce those goods. A company may be able to maximize efficiency by burning coal for a much cheaper price, thus causing their most expensive expense to go down but that has a very serious potential to release more harmful matter in to the environment than they way he is currently manufacturing goods. This is not a rare occurrence. Many companies are faced with the same essential problems such as BP Oil and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; they could leave the oil and not worry about the environment at all