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Things to do differently
During week1, we have been given a task to create a tallest building with given materials and time. Everyone in my group started building it without planning. Later I came to know that planning is very much important before executing any kind of task. So from then on, I started planning for every task I do in my life and career.
Also, I came to know the longest time taken in a project is for planning. If planning is done with accurate and flexible data then rest of the phases will move smooth enough. By this, we will be able to lead a project without any hiccups.
During week 5, we were taught with project template creation, customizing a template, how to work on template. These lessons made me to expand my knowledge on templates and its effective usage.
Concept of DIE
In week2, class lecture covered various differences in culture. Our class was filled with multi cultural students and shared their perception about other countries in the world. There were many wrong assumptions made on other countries. After this activity, I realized that I should not judge any person based on my assumption or view and started to explore the concept of Describe, Interpret, and Evaluate (DIE) before concluding on someone’s behavior or culture.
Behaviors not to change
In week2, lecture covered topics on multi tasking activity. When I was working for Rogers Canada, I have been given 3 projects simultaneously to work on. I did a great job on all projects and gave my best performance. So I would like to continue my multitask ability throughout my career.
Behaviors to change
MBI theory – Map, Bridge, Integrate
I was not aware of these steps before attending the class. As I came to know the importance of these steps through a video shown during week3 class, I started working on these steps whenever I find any discrepancy in my allotted work. I really liked the way they work on. For instance, we were put in a group of different people with various cultural, educational backgrounds for my PMO course. Before starting our group work, I implemented this MBI theory by understanding the differences between us and shared those differences with everyone in the group. We all came to a conclusion and got a clear idea on how to overcome or adhere to these differences. After listing all the points, we were able to manage all the differences stated and had a smooth delivery of project.
Changes affected
There were various case studies discussed and analyzed during week 4, 5, 6 classes
Week4 – Charles