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Do The Right Thing has the power to transform political sensibilities Because it helps one understand that although in our society there might be racism, unequal treatment, and class segregation, One should strive for change and bring balance within us all.

Through the film, racism was a major problem within the community. The African Americans and Italians seemed to always to try to prove which the superior race was. Because of race, there was a disconnection in the neighborhood.

Minorities often face unequal treatment due to class and skin pigmentation. Cops treated color males unequally and caused the death of radio Raheem.
Theh fight for change was a symbolic message portrayed in the film. Through malcom x and martin luther, one is able to conclude that violence is not the moral way to create change.

Mookie towards the end of the film throws a garbage can to the restaurant he works in because of the death of his friend. His action has many hidden messages. Some believed that his action represented a violent way of promoting equality. Others like myself believe that his action was sort of heroic because he tried to stop the mob from destroying the restaurant completely and tried to end the tension and anger the African Americans of the community felt towards the Italian people.

Radio raheem himself is a character full of symbols. He often blasted the song “ fight for power” on his boom box meaning that he wanted a change in the community and that he was