Do the Right Thing phase 2 Essay

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Jalisa Cobb
April 2, 2012
Intro to African­American Psych

(a) “Do the Right Thing” A reflection of the African­American Male Psyche

Social Identity
­ part of an individual’s self concept derived from his/her membership in a social group and adherence to the values associated with that group.
Racial Identity
­ a sense of group or collective identity based on one’s perception that he or she shares a common racial heritage with a particular racial group.
Ethnic Identity­ involvement in the cultural practices and activities of a particular ethnic group.
Racial Socialization­ process involving messages and behaviors about race that parents or other members of a person’s social context transmit to children and adolescents.
Human Authenticity­ the condition of being sincere in who you are meant to be.
One of the major strengths this films portrays about the African­American male is their capacity to love his fellow man. Radio Raheem’s speech about the relationship of love and hate is an embodiment of this. Too often are African­American males just portrayed as being all brawn and no brain. This film, with characters like Buggin’ Out and Da Mayor delves into the thoughts of black men and their love for their brothers in the on going struggle of being black in a world where black is viewed as almost being a handicap. It shows that they are in fact aware of society’s views of them, and will nurture each other as well as younger generations