Do We Need More Male Teachers In Schools?

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Do we need more male teachers in schools?

Recent studies have shown that there has been a consistent female dominance regarding teachers in primary and secondary schools. Data from the Teaching Agency has shown that more men are becoming primary school teachers; there has been an increase in the number of trainee male teachers, especially in primary, by over 50% in 4 years, this is five times the rate for women.
From a schools’ perspective, there is a high attraction to qualified males for primary school teachers due to the present lack of male teachers. Although the number of male teachers is rising, there is still a lead for women. This demand can be for multiple reasons; the main reason, in my opinion, is for the young male pupils to be able to form a bond with a male teacher, something that cannot be formed between as female teacher and male pupil so clearly. These male teachers may become a role model for the children, a figure in their life away from primary socialisation; many would argue it is important for young boys to see an male adult in a work environment and aim to provide children, who may lack a male role model in their home, with male figures who can teach both strength and sensitivity. It is occasionally thought that female teachers may ‘mother’ and nurture the young boys too much and are potentially hindering them for later education. It is no secret that young males like to play rough and fight, it is just in their nature, however too much female attention may stop this from happening and they will not be able to experience the rough and tumble play other children in different schools will. There is the stereotypical idea that males need to be the breadwinners and male