Do We Need a World Environment Organization? Essay

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| 2010 | | American University in Kosova
International Relations, Prof. Bill WechslerAlbert Asllani |

Do we need a world environment organization? If yes why? If not why not? | The environmental problems we are experiencing at this time are further developing and becoming more globalized. The importance of having a global environmental organization is proving to be crucial in managing environmental issues. We do need a world environmental organization, and there are lots of reasons that prove this to be the right choice. |
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Because the environment itself is globalized throughout the world, the damage caused in the environment is spread out. Hence, the environmental problems must be globalized in terms of facing, thinking, and contributing in solving the problems; they must be understood and seen by everyone. “International environmental responsibilities and activities are spread across multiple organizations, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), numerous other UN agencies, the international financing institutions, and the World Trade Organization.”(Ivanova and Roy, p.1) Whereas, we do agree on having local organizations, but as well having global organizations that will do their best in finding a global common best solution for the global environmental problems. According to Esty and Ivanova, until now we have dealt with poor performance when taking action towards responding to global environmental problems, such as the case of global scale pollution and natural resource management challenge.(p.4) Hence, this has given incentive for re- considering the global instruments for controlling global environmental issues. “Both former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev and French President Jacques Chirac have urged the establishment of a Global Environmental Organization.”(Esty and Ivanova, p.1) This approval between President Chirac and Gorbachev is a proof of the fact that the international system is facing new changes, such