Essay about Do We Really Need to Illegalize Guns

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Do We Really Need To Illegalize Guns

From some people’s perspective, if the US government prohibits gun ownership or deprives people from having guns, the country will turn out to be both a holy and peaceful place where all dwellers with smiles would treat each other with as much respect as waiters serving guests in a restaurant. From my point of view, it will take much more than prohibiting or depriving guns to make the country safer, which is the goal that human beings have sought for thousands of years.

It may be true that thousands of people die from gun violence ever year, but instead of saying that the gun murders people, I believe that people actually kill people. That is why we created the word “homicide” rather than “gunicide.” At no other time in history could a government rely on disarming citizens to create an ideal society with no crimes. Another way to think about it is thinking about a government being able to cut off something from a man’s body in order to stop the female from being raped. A government cannot do this or it would have civil war on its hands. Both the American state of Colorado and the Chinese province of HangZhou have the same population, 5,000,000. If people try to focus on the general murder rate between two cities, they will find in fact that 2.9 people were killed out of 100,000 in both cities. Colorado has ten times the gun violence than HZ has, but because of illegalization of guns in China, more people in HZ drown, are battered, choked, poisoned, stabbed and so on. In other words, if a person going to kill someone in HZ, he needs to find a way to do so without an illegal gun.

This big controversial issue exploded and became widespread discussion in the United States when 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot twenty children and seven adults, including himself, at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. As a result, an increasing number of citizens appealed to the government to outlaw the use of guns. The citizens felt the government failed to take the issue of guns into deeper consideration. The people knew the problem would be a complex one for the government to solve. A few weeks after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook, another shooting occurred in Loganville, Georgia; however, unlike the school shooting, a 37-year-old mother used her gun to protect herself and her children against a home intruder. As a result, the issue made people calmly start to face the problem of gun violence instead of considering outlawing guns altogether.
According to Google research, the state of Vermont has the lowest gun violence in the United States, but surprisingly there is no gun control. The vast majority of Vermonters have guns for traditional reasons; they even are allowed to carry so-called assault weapons. There are two reasons for that. First, most of them have guns and can protect themselves from people trying to break into their homes and trying to kill them. Second, most burglars are going to avoid homes when they are defended. A well-armed citizen is far less likely to be a victim of gun violence because the criminal also does not want to be shot.

If murder laws do not stop a maniac,