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Do you share Toyota’s vision that all workers should sacrifice in order to avoid layoffs for permanent workers?

A: I do believe that the decision to make some cuts and sacrifices was a good and right thing to do. Even though the employees might be the ones that are taking the biggest hit by the cuts, Toyota is losing a lot also by not laying off and keep them on the roster. Also around the time when the economy was bad it was very hard to find other jobs, so that was a plus in the employees favor.

If so, are you a “socialist”?

A: I do not consider myself a socialist. I do believe that you have to give a little to gain a little. All the company was trying to do was find a way that everyone could keep their job, until business was on the rise again.

9) Should American companies refuse to do business in countries that:

a. Do not practice democracy? We as Americans live and speak freely. I know that other countries that we do business with do not have the same rights and beliefs that we have so from a business point of view we are only trying to make a living and survive. So we can’t try to make other countries have our same views, they are a country of there own. b. Routinely practice discrimination? What another country practices is not anyone else’s business, as long as it is not hurting or killing anyone, we cannot change their countries way of living. c. Tolerate or even encourage the abuse of children? Explain. Now this is one that I…