Do You Believe in First Impression Explain with Any Support! Essay

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Although some people doesn’t consider it in their life, for others first impression is one of their decision making factors from making friends to find a job. I believe in this feeling not because I found a scientific explanation for it, but only because of experiencing it throughout my life.
Probably the first time that I remember the experience I was in elementary school. The time that a simple decision is crucial to make a good friend or a blood enemy for your future, which I ended up having both. I made a good, and now old, friend at that time which only started with just a simple ‘Hi’ to break the ice. The feeling was not only vague but also mysterious until years later when I’ve noticed the difference of the thoughts in my head between the moment that I approached my future best buddy and my future just friend. Surprisingly when I shared my opinion about my closest friend I’ve noticed a common idea. It was like even if we don’t have anything in common we have 100 percent first impression feeling toward others in common! Again I’m not saying that I just found something scientific behind this subject. It’s something to be felt in your life.
The most recent experiences were when I started job hunting a couple of year ago. This time it was clear that I’m using it to affect my interviewer. I was still unemployed after almost 10-12 interviews. I once even declined the offer after interview when I’ve been told that I got accepted for the position. It just didn’t feel right!