Do You Struggle With Effective Communication Essay

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace
Lamar A Walton
Strayer University

Business 100
Professor Marilyn Fitzpatrick
February 6, 2015 Do you struggle with effective communication? In a business there are many types of ways to communicate effectively. It’s all about knowing who you’re communicating with and the motive behind your communication. In my current position as being an instructor, I find communication as an effective tool when used properly. I deal with a student whom suffers from autism. Recently I’ve been having an adequate amount of meetings on how to handle and deal with the situation. Information I’ve been receiving has been little to no help. From this situation I have learned three valuable lessons when it comes to effectively communicating.

When communicating, before getting into difficult conversation there are a few key strategies you should know. Initially you should use as many levels of communication as possible. Dealing with my dilemma, I learned that I as an individual don’t exhaust the many levels of communication. When handling someone with special need it’s very important to find their level of communication. From all the advice and techniques I was giving, nothing seemed to be as effective until I acknowledged and accepted what this particular student’s communication style was. While communicating I found being a listener; rather than trying to give my resolve based on what I observed was a better approach. It created an environment where the student felt safe; it also helped with the student feeling the sense of being heard, and understood. I found this relieved negative tension and emotion. Most conversation about the student’s intolerable behavior, according to school policies were discussed in negative aspects when speaking with the student. This produced a negative vibe and body-hugging tension.

In addition I found that “clearly stating my intent” when approaching conversation helped tremendously. Working with autistic children you find the more information they know regarding the conversation; the more engaged and understanding they’ll become. Sometimes using the approach “the reason for our meeting today, is to discuss something’s that took place in class today.” I learned “stating your goal increases the chance the receiver will hear things as you mean them.” As well as children with special needs love to obtain and reach goals. Setting forth the goal of the conversation is a sure way to captivate and keep the attention of the pupil. This way as the