Essay on Do you think people should lie?

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Do you think people should lie? For instance a lawyer in the court might have to lie to help his client. For him lying is part of his job. But is it okay? Even though some people think lying is a simple way to escape from the truth, I believe lying creates negative consequences.
One negative result of not telling the truth is sadness and the possible loss of relationships. For example, telling the wrong test score to parents might be helpful at the time because you will get away with it temporarily. However, if they find out later, they will be disappointed. Most of the time, when people find out they were lied to, they are sad and lose their trust. Sometimes a lie could lead to a big problem such as divorce and ending a friendship. Therefore, lying is not the right way to get away from a mistake. It creates sadness for someone that loves you.
Once you start to lie and you can get away with it surely you will do it again. This could lead to a bad habit that no one likes. Lying might work with other people. However it doesn’t work with yourself. For instance, one of my friends had a girlfriend who really loved him. His girlfriend didn’t want him to go out at night so he started to lie to her that he slept at home. It became a habit. One day his girlfriend found out that he went out. His relationship got worse and finally they broke up. This example shows that lying has never had a happy ending. The truth will never die.
In conclusion, lying is always followed by bad