do i dare beat him again Essay

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“Do I dare play him again?” I asked myself the hundredth time. “Last time I won, he hurt me pretty bad.” I paused mid-thought and stared at the vivid screen. I beat him the last time we played and it ended in a wrestling match. I always lose those! “Well, I’ll just have to deal with it.” I decided, “I want to win.” This is how it has always been between me and my brother for my entire life; I couldn’t bear it when he beat me in anything. He is five years older than me so I have always gotten a hard time from him whenever I beat him, but that’s just part of the brotherly love that holds us together. All through my childhood my parents have warned me that not everything is a competition, but as the years go by and I get older I have realized that, it is always a competition, at least for me.
I have never known any different in my life, whether it be with my brother or with friends, I have been a competitor. I have this way of making everything I do matter in my mind, so when I lose it means that much more to me. For as long as I can remember I have created little challenges for myself and knowing that I could never escape the mental games used to drive me crazy. Holding my breath for as long as I can, or timing myself no matter what I’m doing or where I am. This was a kind of curse to me when I was younger, but it has grown into a wonderful gift.
As my life flashes before my eyes, I have started to realize that the ability to challenge oneself is an enormous advantage. Even