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Anest Marolli 2/18/2015 Writing V
Spring 2015

My Father, My Example

In everyday situations we make decisions that involve our best skills and knowledge we posses. Some of these decisions are guided by or creativity, some others based upon our knowledge and experience, and some others are taken by combining these together. If creativity is a born quality, we can rely steadily on our past experience and knowledge we have gained. For me a significant part of this knowledge is accumulated by observing the figure of My Father. There are three main features that characterize the nature of My Father: optimism, hard work, and good manners. Each of these has been a very helpful and necessary feature for me in everyday situations.

One thing that characterizes the figure of My Father is his optimism. I noticed early in my life that he has a good dose of optimism, combined with good humor and an ability to never lose its temper in various and complex situations. But what highlights in him is his optimism. Like every family we had our good and less good days. We experienced for a period of time economic difficulties, but My Father never lost his inner “smile” that characterized him. I remember him saying that these would be short times and would pass quickly. “It can’t rain forever, and after rain always comes out the sun”- he used to say. I remember always this notion of his when I face by myself difficulties or bad periods of time. Up to now this has been a very true and precious example for me experiencing the good but also the bad situations that everyday life offers to me.

The other feature that characterizes the figure of My Father is his capacity to get the job done. In everything he does, his persistence, patience and hard-work is very notable. I have often witnessed his ability of not to skive the duties of everyday work despite their difficulties. “If you want a job done, you better do it by yourself, especially if this is your duty”, -was another citation of his. As I mentioned before, our family experienced some economic difficulties in the past. Despite working from dawn till dusk, and although his salary wasn’t at the level of the work produced, he never complained or gave up but worked twice as hard to keep his job done. This behavior has proven a valuable lesson for me. There were many difficulties in every beginning or new path I took, or I had to work too much and be rewarded with little or nothing for the moment, but working hard everyday always gave me benefits sooner or later.

At last but not at least…