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In the play “Hamlet”, many could argue that the main character, Prince Hamlet, was a sympathetic character. However, others were to believe that he was a mad man who was suddenly self-destructing due to the murder of his father, and the sudden marriage of his mother Gertrude, to his fathers brother Claudius.
Most people would ask a person of whom they trust, for an opinion on a certain situation they’re in. For Prince Hamlet, that wasn’t the case. He kept things to himself. He dropped hints every now and then, but he never told too much. Some say that was the cause of his madness.
Although the argument for the opposing side is still on the rise, the love Prince Hamlet had for his father, the late King, was neverending. All he wanted was the soul of his father to be at rest, and he felt like the only way that was possible was to avenge his death.
It may seem that Prince Hamlet was driven mad by his own thoughts and illusions, but in one of the scenes, one of his reliable men Horatio shared with him the same vision of seeing the late King Hamlet also. Eventhough he was seen as an unstable man that wasn’t fully aware, he was a pretty smart character. In one of the scenes, Hamlet decides to bring actors to the castle, and he writes them a play of what he thinks happened to his father and has them act it out. During the play, King Claudius reacted as if he was sick. Queen Gertrude looked at her son as if she had seen a ghost, she looked absolutely horrified.