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Programming 2
Event Driven Programming 2
Typical examples of events are: 2
Mouse events 2
Keyboard events 2
Event on programming Languages 2
A few examples of programming languages: 2
Events in programming 2
Visual Basic 3
What Is Visual Basic? 3
VB.NET (Visual Basics.NET) 3
Triggers and Timer functions. 3
Three types of triggers. 3
User activated 3
Temporal 3
State Triggers. 4
Operating systems and Event driven programming. 4
Operating systems that make use of GUI 4
Operating system that makes use of command line prompts 4
Evaluation 6
Evaluate the suitability of event driven programs for non-graphical applications. 6
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Event Driven Programming

Before we go into too much depth about Event Driven Programming, we must first understand what events are.

Events are the actions that are performed by the user during the application usage; examples of these actions are when a user clicks a mouse button on any object than the Click event has occurred.

Typical examples of events are:

Mouse events

“For example, with a pointing device such as a mouse, clicking a button triggers a "mouse click" event.

The programmer would then program the software to respond to this "mouse click" event. Typical mouse events include mouse move and mouse button up/down.”

Keyboard events

“When a user presses a key on a keyboard, the program currently running would receive a keyboard "KeyDown" event along with relevant data such as which key the user pressed”

Event on programming Languages

There are numerous programming languages. We can define programming languages as an artificial language designed to express computations that can be better performed by a machine, particularly a computer.

A few examples of programming languages:



Visual C++

We are going to emphasis more on VB.NET.

Events in programming

Forms offer a platform for the user to hold all the controls used by a programmer to create the program, forms prove very useful as they allow the user to manage a project and they offer the user a faster and efficient way of designing a project.

Visual Basic

What Is Visual Basic?

Visual Basics is a programming language. Visual Basic is a popular choice for beginners because some people find the syntax simpler than the syntax of many other programming languages. When we talk about syntax, we are referring to set of rules that define the combinations of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured programs in that language.

VB.NET (Visual Basics.NET)

First we must talk about .NET, what exactly is .NET? From my understanding .NET is a software developer that provides the user with the necessary tools to build software.

VB.NET is the software framework that gives you everything you need you develop and run managed applications that run on windows.

.NET is a platform with which you can develop software applications and libraries called managed applications; it provides you with the compiler and tools you need to build, debug, and execute managed applications.

For our purposes, you could say that .NET is the platform that gives you everything you need to develop and run managed applications that run on Windows.

Triggers and Timer functions.

Triggers – Are actions that occur on a computer system. Such actions are mouse clicks, moving the mouse, pressing keys on teh keyboard and using a pen to draw on a computer graphic tablet.

Timers – Applications often need as a certain task to occur at regular intervals. Such services are implemented by timers. A timer is an object that repeatedly calls back into the application at set intervals.

An example of this will be using a timer to update the user interface with anything from stock quotes to available disk space.”(By Juval Löwy page 270)